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"when hip-hop and film come together, its a marvel to the culture"


Amori Sounds, established in 2018 in the Bronx borough of New York City, is a pioneering black-owned production music label with a publishing arm founded by music producer, Lovett Evans.

At its core, Amori Sounds thrives as a diverse music production collective, bringing together under-represented film composers, top 40 beat makers, and sound designers from all over the world. Their unified efforts are dedicated to crafting exceptional music that can be used in media. 

We pledge Community, Purpose, Service and Alignment.


Community & Purpose: Amori Sounds proudly showcases and promotes under-represented artists and composers by providing a safe platform for growth, collaboration and expression in the world of music production. As a team we excel in producing Hip-Hop songs and Trailers.  


Service: Our collaborative nature allows us to engage with clients in a way that ensures that each project receives the proper strategy in order to deliver music that seamlessly harmonizes with the visual project

and campaign goal at large. This makes us an ideal choice for bespoke music needs in various formats. 

Alignment: Through an unwavering commitment to authenticity and niche, we ought to work with creatives and buyers who not only believe and love what we do, but trust in our expertise and know that we do it the best. 

Our Clients

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